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Website / App without ads

By making a link towards this page, I am stating that in my app or on my website:

  1. I do not put advertising and do not make commercial links;
  2. I think that advertising devalues the medium;
  3. I do not wish that the behavior and interests of my users be tracked and monetized by ad companies.

the author.

  • What is this website for?
    This website is here because it must be sometimes reminded that advertising is not the only way to pay for internet services, whether those are large-scale services such as Facebook, Twitter etc., or personal websites and web services. This web page is here simply to state that the absence of advertising on a website or app can be a deliberate choice and not just an accident.
  • Without ads, how can apps and websites be paid for?
    Simply by paying. When there are substantial running costs, users can pay by giving away some of their money rather than their privacy (having an ad network act as an intermediary reduces the value of the service anyway). As for the hosting of simple websites and services, their costs are extremely small: any decent web host will do this for less than three dollars a month.
  • What is the problem with advertising?
    We could talk about the not-so-pretty side of mixing content and advertising — it is much harder to remain independent when one must simultaneously sell stuff and convey information or provide a service to an audience.
    Nevertheless, the largest problem with contemporary advertising is that it is inherently a tracking process. An advertising network is only efficient when the habits, interests and opinions of each targeted user are known. The display of advertising in apps and web pages, with time, allows for an extraordinarily precise tracking of users. Google ends up knowing all of your questions, Facebook and the advertisers financing the company know more about your children than you do, and so on. There are enormous risks for abuse: information about health, opinions, beliefs of people may be sold off for political purposes, and the tracking and monitoring of an entire population by an unscrupulous government becomes possible. All of this for peanuts: the (phenomenal) advertising revenue of Facebook in 2017 amounts to 1.6 USD per user per month.
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    Edition: Olivier Cleynen, based on a former similar (but distinct) project by kerismith and jeffpitcher.
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